Rent a house in Thailand and go shopping to the Grand sale

Have you ever thought about making your vacation pleasant and useful at the same time? The perfect solution could be vacation in Thailand! You will see great Asian country and participate in greatest annual sale called Amazing Thailand Grand Sale. During the Grand sale you can find good price for apartments if you rent a house in Thailand in advance.

The Grand sale starts on 15th of June and lasts until 15th of Augusts. The sale starts with a conference in Queen Sirikit National Convention Center in Bangkok. On the conference large producers present their best products at reduced prices. After that event sales starts in big cities of Thailand like Bangkok, Pattaya, Chiang Mai and Phuket. The Grand sale is the best time to rent a house in Thailand and to go shopping. I would advise to rent a house in Thailand’s big city, so that you could visit big shopping malls. During the Grand sale you can meet discounts everywhere. Some merchants provide bonuses for purchases. Of course shops in small cities also offer discounts. Exactly during the Grand sale you can rent a house in Thailand on the most favorable terms. Even hospitals offer lower prices for their service. Local people are sometimes postponing surgeries for the period of sales to get better price. By the way, local people are taking an active part in the Grand sale too.

Traditionally, brand-name products are the most popular among purchases, but recently, emphasis was put on promotion local products like handicrafts, decorations, apparel and some home-use products. I would advise you to use cash when you go shopping in Thailand. And don’t forget about negotiation, which is integral part of shopping in Thailand. Negotiate even in shopping malls and you will get discount for sure.

Hurry up, just three months left until the Grand sale. But you have some time to buy flight tickets and to rent a house in Thailand.

7 Mar 2012