One month using invoicing program Invoiceor

Finally I have joined all those advanced business owners, who use invoicing software. When I decided to use invoicing software I was lost in wide choice of programs. My friend told me about Invoiceor and I have immediately found it. I started using this invoicing software with pleasure, because they offer 60 days for free. It is convenient because I can sort out whether I like this program and it is suitable for my company or not.

My first impression was quite good. Program is simple enough for beginners. To my mind this quality is important even for advanced users. I like simple things. Life is complicated enough, so why should we make it more complicated?! Well, a little bit of lyrical digression.

I started my work with filling in information. First I added information about my company. Then I added my customer’s data and my product’s details to Invoiceor . Actually it was all that took me some more time. Then the process of invoicing was very fast and simple. I choose customer, add products, set due date and send an invoice. How much time it takes me? Oh, at most one minute for one invoice. Furthermore, if I have some regular invoices, for example, monthly membership invoices, then I use recurring invoices. I can tell you long about that feature, because I fell in love with it. I can set so that every month customer “A” receive invoice. And invoicing will be automatic. Invoice number and dates will also be generated automatically. You can set every period you want for the recurring invoices. I can not even explain you, how convenient it is. You just have to try it by your own!

Despite simplicity, Invoiceor offer nice professionally looking invoice templates. It is a pleasure for me to send out such invoices. I also receive invoices from internet and other services providers and sometimes it is hard to find important information in the invoice. People add too much useless data to the invoice. Invoiceor makes me glad with invoice templates, because they contain only necessary information.

20 Jul 2012