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Professional Real Estate Agency in Sweden

20 okt 2013

Buying, or renting, Swedish Real Estate Sweden is quite a large country, and since it is long and narrow, travelling from the southern parts to the northern takes a long time. Climate, landscape and mentality go through dramatic changes as one travels up or down this beautiful country, and each new place has it's own [...]

One month using invoicing program Invoiceor

20 jul 2012

Finally I have joined all those advanced business owners, who use invoicing software. When I decided to use invoicing software I was lost in wide choice of programs. My friend told me about Invoiceor and I have immediately found it. I started using this invoicing software with pleasure, because they offer 60 days for free. [...]

Invoicing software provides customer control by sending reminders

12 apr 2012

Do all of your customers pay in time? How do you trace non-payers? I guess it takes you a lot of time. Nowadays invoicing software provides different useful features. One of them is sending automatic reminders to the customers. You don’t have to find non-payers by yourself. The invoicing software is smart enough to do [...]